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Concept & Offers  

     Tourism is a highly season-dependable business. Minimum twice a year tour operators and DMC companies face the need for special business meetings.
     Commercial success of the whole season often depends from the preparation and level of activity of tourism agents that is why, in anticipation of the winter and summer seasons, all operators should report all the fresh and reliable information about organization of charter programs, preparation of new seasonal offers and prices. That is why there is an obvious need for professional working meetings.
◊   Date
     Dates for the event are selected in accordance with most of the main spring and autumn Tourism exhibitions and workshops of Moscow, Kiev, Siberian region, Astana and Almaty which allows participating in «Key2 Travel Market» while visiting them.
◊   Place
     Almaty is the largest city in Kazakhstan with the population of 1,5 millions of people in the city and 2,0 millions in suburbs. 70% of all international and charter flights and 60% of all the travel agencies registered in Kazakhstan are located in Almaty.
     Astana is the capital of The Republic of Kazakhstan and the biggest administrative center in the north of the country. Population of Astana is more than 800 thousand people and 750 thousand people in suburbs. There are about 300 travel agincies in Astana.
◊   Format
     The format of the event is developed in a way that maximizes the efficiency of spent time. This format is based on "Pre-Scheduled Appointment table-top" meetings, organization and amount of which assumes low cost per contact, and makes participation highly cost-effective in general.
     If a company does not want to be limited to only short working meetings there is a technically-equipped, high-capacity hall where seminars, presentations, and promotions can be conducted. 
      The possibility of unplanned meetings, establishment of business contacts in the free mode, including the "Hosted Buyer" format, as well as a special "networking zone" are proposed to be conducted during the second half of the event.
     For the companies representatives of which are unable to attend the “Key2 Travel Market” there is an “Indirect exhibitor” feature available, including the distribution of all the necessary materials either from registration desks or from personal working place (depends on the offer option) by the representatives of the organizer, with final report provided to the customer.
◊   Sections and Categories
     Form of organization allows dividing the event, its’ participants and working areas into different categories, different touristic destinations, and sections with allocation of the participants by featured products.

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